Being the best in your sport, classroom and profession, requires the highest mental and visual abilities. Transform your mental and visual abilities to be the best in your sport and profession.


Neurovision Consulting is leading the way to give you that competitive edge.

Lead the Game

Superior cognitive and visual abilities are vital to a winning performance. Sports Science studies show neurostimulation maximizes performance in cognitive-perceptual efficiency.

Quick Thinking

Reaction time is critical in daily life. How you respond depends on how quickly your brain and eyes process incoming information. A fast response time can make the difference between winning and losing.

Improve Your Vision

Your eyes are the windows to your brain. We know 80% of our sensory input is visual and has the potential to be trained. Neurovision trains you to see more, react faster, track better, and improve your peripheral vision.

Focus, Concentrate and Learn more

We all could benefit from improving our attention and acceleration of our learning. Our protocols show significant increases in memory, processing speed, concentration, multitasking and focus.

See One Step Ahead

Athletes, E-sports athletes, law enforcement, and other elite professionals are training their eyes and brain to work efficiently with rapid precision to make the best decision for the best outcomes before the play happens.

Get in the Zone

As our clients speed thresholds increase they will report key events in demanding situations “slowing down”. Often this has been described as being in “a state of flow”. Our protocols will help you master this ability of energized focus.

Win the Battle of Aging Brain

We all experience age-related decline to a certain extent. With Neurovision’s Wellness program we focus on regaining the cognitive skills you thought were fading or lost.

Treat and Prevent Concussions

Our concussion-specific protocols have been successful in helping our athletes return to the sport they love and perform better than pre-injury.

“Top Down Training”

In the human body there are two general processes involved in sensation and perception. Bottom up processing refers to processing sensory information as it is coming into your nervous system and brain. Top-down processing on the other hand, refers to perception that is driven by cognition or the ruse of your brainpower.

You have trained your body for life and sport, and with neurostimulation it’s possible to train your vision and your brain.

  1. Comprehensive neurovisual and eye tracking exams are used to assess your visual scene strategies and customize client specific training programs.
  1. 3D motion capture technology is used to assess balance abilities with varied visual stimuli.

How Neurovision Training Works

  1. VR helmet monitoring of 4 neurovisual levels of perception to design your unique training program.
  1. 3D multiple object tracking technology to stimulate and train targeted areas of the eyes and brain.



· Increased focus on the tasks or activities
· Increase and attentional resources
· Improve and maintain your concentration


· Improve mental control over your environment
· Increase cognitive flexibility
· Increase motor coordination and avoid obstacles in your way
· Maintain your dynamic and static 


· Solve problems with better recall
· Increase your ability to multitask
· Challenges working memory to demand faster processing speeds
· Keep key information in your memory


· Increase the brain’s processing speed
· Increase your ability to multitask visual 
· Identify pertinent information to your 
performance quicker
· Utilize fast incoming information for rapid and correct reactions


· Increased anticipation of kinetic chain movements
· Develop superior exploratory visual strategies
· Enhanced visual tracking speed


· Decrease recovery time from a concussion
· Baseline data to analyze neurovisual concussion effects
· Monitor post-traumatic injury progression

Our Experience

The successes and validity of our program is based on over 20 years of research in pscyhophysics and visual processing, sharpening and elevating the minds of athletes, professionals and students.