Athletes who are capable of recognizing and responding to a stimulus within a shorter amount of time possess a competitive advantage. Neurovision helps to enhance this ability for our athletes.


· Percieve your game/environment slowing down to speed up response time

· Eliminate distractions and focus on key factors of the play/decision

· Make clear, accurate and tactical decisions

· Regulate emotions and avoid overly impulsive reactions

·Anticipate opponent’s actions earlier and more precisely

Visual-motor reaction speed is a measure of the length of time necessary to complete their response to a stimulus. By training visual tracking speed with our custom-tailored program design and sports specific protocols, Neurovsion Consulting works to improve cognitive abilities and performance pertaining to an elite athlete’s sport.

Sports science studies continues to show that cognitive performance is what separates the novice from the professional in sports. Neurovision Consulting trains the brain through the eyes to gain an advantage on the competition. Through our training programs our athletes are better able to increase their situational awareness, increase their attention and make better decisions. Athletes come to improve their ability to process rapidly changing information while remaining aware, at ease and under control. Research has shown that the programs we use gives our athletes a significant advantage over their competitors in pressure packed game situations.


Neurovision works hard with each of our professional e-sports athletes to ensure the fastest reaction time possible to any stimulus that an athlete may encounter in competition. Neurovision provides a quantitative value associated with the individual’s

information processing and the best protocols and coaching to make this visual pathway as efficient as possible. Neurovision´s athletes will often report the speed of their game slowing down, giving the athletes more perceived time to react to a target or goal, which leads to faster and appropriate reactions. Most E-Sport Athletes will have improved statistical differences in their game performance.

Students, Learning dissorders and professionals

Our training protocols help to significantly increase core mental skills with minimal effort and time. Following our program individuals come to learn that they have gained new levels of focus, concentration, executive function, and brain processing speeds. These gains translate into enhanced visual processing and cognitive performance.

Studies have shown that the training programs we use improves the mental skills that are critical to learning. Our program helps individuals focus, improve working memory increase selective, sustained and divided attention.

Learning disorders are centered around deficits in attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed. It is imperative that when students attempt to learn new information, they must be able to understand and process the information and to maintain focus that is long enough to complete the difficult tasks of learning and mastering their subject material.

Concussions and avoiding injury

Our goal is to reduce the risk of injury: In addition to athletic performance enhancement Neurovision improves peripheral vision awareness, so the athlete can anticipate and predict avoidable collisions within the game and thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Post-Concussion: Our medically tailored program is aimed at improving the speed of recovery and return to play for post-concussion rehabilitation. Research and clinical practice show that our neurostimulation can improve the cognitive state of people across broad populations by improving selective attention control, visual information processing speed and other executive functions that may otherwise be damaged from a concussive event.


Research shows that with aging a person’s cognitive abilities decline. The aging brain can have declining abilities in driving skills, crossing a street in time, walking in crowed areas or walking while avoiding obstacles that can cause a fall.  If you can build muscle as we age, then why not build on your brain’s power and regain these declining abilities. Neurovision Consulting’s goal is to stimulate and maintain good cognitive skills, increase your focus and concentration reserve, train your brain and improve your visual perceptions and balance.  It is these areas that are critical for your memory, to make quick decisions, walk and navigate their world.