Our Success

My surroundings started going by in slow motion, allowing me to better grasp every detail around me even at 300 km/h in a Formula 1 car. I can anticipate better and I can grasp every component of the scenery without even realizing its existence.
I am now getting better and better, which motivates me to go further, because each new sensation makes me more competitive and more alert.

Romain GrosjeanFORMULA 1 DRIVER

The training overall is incredible. Ash has been awesome at coaching and I’m noticing slow but steady gains in my abilities with the software. This has concretely translated to my professional life: I feel a less exhausted after a long day and able to achieve higher levels of focus over longer periods of time. As a surgeon, this could not be more critical to my job, which involves long periods of intensive concentration and quick assimilation/processing of complex sensory inputs. It is the perfect tool to improve surgical performance and stamina.


When I first walked into Neurovision, I didn't really believe it would be possible for them to improve my reaction time, or my ability to process information more quickly. Being a competitive gamer who has consistently been at the top of the leaderboards, I thought to myself, "How possibly could this step up my game?" Not only was I mistaken, what followed was far more than I imagined. My game was taken to another level completely and I have the statistics to prove it. Now every time I play, the game seemingly keeps slowing down, when in reality, my perceived speed of the game has dramatically waned, thus enabling me to pinpoint my targets and acquire them in faster succession (something which I thought could not improve). Essentially, my cognitive ability to process lots of information in such a short amount of time has only been augmented, thus allowing me to bring up my average K/D (Kill/Death ratio) from a 3.5 - 4.0 to a 5.0 - 7.0 per game - results that my teammates witness on a daily basis now and are exhibited on my YouTube channel. The sudden spike in my performance is not some spontaneous happening, but rather is the tremendous effect that Neurovision's specialized training has had on me as an eSports athlete. If you are looking at not only stepping up your game, but taking it to another level completely - Neurovision will take you there and beyond!